Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Save the date...

After much sweat and tears, we have finally managed to settle on a date! Actually there wasnt much sweat involved and no tears, but much deliberation. Yet we have a date for the wedding.

May 23, 2008
Who would have thought that setting the date for a party would be so hard? Before Christmas, we started to think about possible dates for our wedding. I loved the idea of May 24th because it was 6 months away and it was on a holiday weekend. I have always wanted to have my wedding on a holiday weekend so that we would always be able to have a break for our anniversary. And six months seemed like a good amount of time to plan a wedding.
Well when we started to talk to those who needed to be involved (like the preacher, the bestman, and the photographer) things started to get sticky. Well, we went back and forth between a date in March and or a date in June, but everytime we thought we had the perfect date, something would interfere. Finally, we got it narrowed down to the only weekend that worked for the majority and had everyone confirmed; May 23. Who would have thought? We were right back where we started.