Friday, October 22, 2010

First Haircut

At 13 Weeks, Whit was getting some serious duck-tales. They just looked goofy on him, so I decided it was time for a haircut. I waited till he was asleep before trying to cut the hair since he wiggles so much when he is awake. And voila! He looked so much better when it was all said and done.

Notice the duck-tale sticking out at the bottom of his head...
Before the haircut...

The first cut...

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauties...

Whitaker usually starts his day around 4:30-5am with a feeding, heads back to bed and sleeps till 8am. On this saturday morning, after his breakfast, I was wide awake so left the boys to their sleep. When I came back a while later, they were so cute, I just had to take a photo.

Sleeping Beauties...

Happy Baby
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Night in the Crib...

Whitaker has started sleeping in his crib. Before this we had him in a smaller travel bed that sat inside the crib. Here are a few photos of his first night in just the crib.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shoulder Rides

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One Sleepy afternoon....or not!

On the afternoon that we were in LA, we were having a relaxed time in Julia's house. Jules (who is pregnant with her second) and Caleb were taking a nap, Whit was supposed to be taking a nap, and I was trying to have one too. After about 5 minutes of laying down, Sam rescued Whit, who had decided that he wasnt going to sleep, and me, who was dozing despite the noise Whit was making. Well, it didnt take me long to realize that I wasnt going to get much of a nap after all, so while we were waiting for the others to wake up, I whipped out my camera, and got some fun shots of Sam and Whit hanging out together. I realized that since I am the one normally behind the camera, I took the baby and asked Sam to snap some of us playing together. I love these photos...

(This one cracks me up, as it looks like Whit is taking the photo himself!)

A Busy Weekend...

A couple weekends ago, a special friend of mine was having a babyshower. So we went down to LA for the day so that I could go and celebrate with her. Unfortunately I didnt get any photos of the shower, but pulled out the camera later to get some fun shots with the family.
We stayed with Sam's sister, Julia, for the night and hung out with them for the day. Some of the fun things we did while in LA include eating french toast for breakfast, napping (after a very early morning), going out to eat at the mall, eating NZ ice cream for dessert, watching fish in the pond as the sun set, and going to brother Lukas' to swim in his hot tub.
We drove home really early on Sunday morning as we wanted to be at church. And we even made it home early enough for me to put on a roast meal before going to church. I made roast lamb with roasted vegetables for lunch at my parents house to celebrate Mum's birthday. What a day! It was a crazy busy weekend, but it was so much fun. Below are a few of the shots I got...

Sister Jules and cousin Caleb!

Cousin Love....

Chilling in the Stroller

Enjoying New Zealand Ice Cream in California

Watching the Fishes in the Pond

Playing with Grandma

Matching Buddies

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Video of Whit

One afternoon, Whit was playing on his mat, and started telling me stories. So I got down and listened to them and caught some of it on video. He is also learning to roll over. He hasnt mastered getting all the way over, but he sure tries, and gets so frustrated when he cant do it.