Friday, July 30, 2010

Three weeks...

Well, it has been three weeks since we welcomed Whitaker into the world. And what a full three weeks it has been. Sam and I came home from the hospital with Whitaker on Saturday the 10th.
On Sunday, we all went to church. Whit got to meet a lot of people who having waiting with us to meet him. On Sunday evening, Aunty Naomi and cousin Eddy (Sam's sister and her 2 year old) came in on the train. They stayed with us for that week. Nomi was a huge help keeping the house clean for me so that I could rest and adjust to having a baby in the house.
On the next Sunday, Uncle Lukas, Aunty Suzi, Uncle Ben, Aunty Julia and cousin Caleb (Sam's siblings and their spouses) came up and we all went camping. The campground was by a river and a lake, and only 15mins from our house. We had fun playing in the river, kayaking, napping in the shade, feasting, singing, and enjoying the camp fire. Whit and I went home to sleep each night, and just went out to the campground during the day. On Tuesday, everyone left to go home, and on Wednesday, Whit and I drove Nomi and Eddy to the airport.
Friday was the beginning of our Youth Summer Camp. Sam and I, and 7 young people, headed out to the campground where we had been earlier in the week. We got the campground set up and enjoyed playing in the river while we waited for the other staff and the speaker to get there.
On Saturday, we headed over to the lake where we had a boat and inner-tube. Not everyone could go on the boat at one time, so those who were left onshore could swim, or kayak, or play with the frisbee or balls. This was the first camp that Sam had planned, and it was a success. We have a great group of leaders who are committed to getting into the lives of the young people. Our speaker, Ben Waggoner, was spot on. He broke the gospel down into four sessions dealing with who God is, who Jesus is, and who we are. He made it so simple for them to understand that a number of the kids said they had never heard and understood the gospel like they did this time. A number of them even admitted to not being Christians though they want to be. Many prayers were answered that weekend, from our safety, to the working of the gospel in the kids lives.
Monday the 26th started our first week at home with nothing planned, and no one else here. It has been a nice week as we have been recovering from a very busy month. We are very routine people and so have spent the week easing back into our routines; from sleeping to eating to working. Today is friday and I think we have the working and eating parts into a good routine. Sam and I used to go to bed early, and get up early, but with all the visitors and events that we have been involved with in the last month, that routine got a little messed up, but we are almost back into our sleeping routine. Whit has also responded well to the routine of our lives. He is very consistent with his eating, and even sleeps 6 hours each night. Below are a few photos from the last two weeks. My regular camera is temporarily out of commission, so the poor quality comes from my camera phone.

Keeping cool while we were camping...

Hanging with cousin Eddy

Tummy time is exhausting...

The only time the kitties will have anything to do with Whit is when he is sleeping

I love his precious little feet

Three weeks old...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Whitaker James VanDyke...

Introducing Whitaker James VanDyke
Born July 8th, 2010 at 8am
8lbs 6oz 22in

Here he is at One Week old...It is amazing how quickly time is flying by. Before I know it he will be one month and then one year! It seems as if I have known this little face for a long time, instead of the short week that it has been.

The delivery went really well, and since I was induced, the total time of labor was only 8 hours. Once Whitaker's head was out, Sam had the privilege of delivering the rest of him and cutting the cord.