Monday, March 25, 2013

Two-ingredient Banana Pancakes

This last year, we have been trying to eat more naturally, cutting out copious amounts of white flour and sugar from our daily diet, and trying to add variety to our fruits and veges. So when I saw this recipe floating around the internet and on Pinterest for pancakes with no flour and no sugar, I was intrigued. I was unsure how they would turn out, or if my family would even like them, so put off making them despite how easy they looked. But when my husband caught sight of the recipe, I knew we would have to try them.

Two-ingredient Pancakes.

3 Bananas
5 Eggs
Coconut Oil for greasing the pan

Smush the bananas, beat in the eggs. Cook the pancakes over medium-high heat.

Ok, so that sounds easy enough. Well, the first time they didn't turn out very well. For some reason they didn't hold their shape, and were a crumpled pile of mush when the family ate them. But the flavor was delicious!! And my husband labeled them a success. So we tried them again and again.

Here's a few things we have learned...
*They do taste like bananas (yum!)
*The riper the banana, the better they turn out
*Greasing the pan between each set of pancakes helps them to flip properly.
*Sometimes they taste eggy, this is usually if the bananas haven't been smushed enough, or if there is not enough banana to egg.
*This is not an exact science, so try them a couple times before passing judgement on them.

While they are not my favorite (I love a good fluffy, bready pancake), my family loves them! Especially my boys. Just looking at the picture below, Whit was asking for pancakes for lunch :) They taste good, they are easy to make, and they are flour, dairy, nut, and sugar free. What's not to love! Oh and they taste great with a little butter and syrup.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Riding

One of our favorite things to do as a family is spend time together. Right before the summer of 2012, Sam got us a tandem bike and a double stroller/trailer. We spent many hours over the summer riding together all around our area. By the end of the summer, our favorite ride was out to the lake. 

  Just before Christmas, we got a new tandem that was a little bigger and more suited to our riding style.
Also because Whit was getting to big for the trailer, we got a third wheel. He loves being a big boy, riding with Mum and Dad. He is a little small to peddle, but it wont be long before he can peddle right along with us. Here we are on our maiden voyage with Whit riding the bike.  

What a cutie!

Half Marathons

In February of 2012, Sam ran his first half marathon. It was in the beautiful area of, just outside of San Francisco  Because it was his first half marathon, and he didn't really do much training, Sam just took it easy and did really well. I was so proud of him.
 Sam before the race...

 We went for a walk in the beautiful area while we waited for Sam.

It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous area.

Later that year, Sam ran his second half marathon down in Malibu. He trained for it, running longer distances and for longer stretches. Sadly, I didn't get any photos as my camera was playing up. It was a much larger race with a couple thousand runners.  And again he did an amazing job. He came in third for his age, and eighteenth overall. I was so proud of him for all the training he did paid of. 

A Year of Growing

Life has been speeding by here in the VanDyke Home. I realized its been over a year since I posted here, and it is time to update. Here is a little review of the boys from Thad's first month to his first birthday
 December 2012
January 2013 
 February 2013
 March 2013
 April 2013
 May 2013
 June 2013
 July 2013
September 2013 
 October 2013
December 2013

Whitaker is our grown up boy and Thad is our little entertainer. We have so much fun with these two. And while it can be exhausting raising them, there is nothing I would rather be doing. They bring such joy to us.