Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another different week

Apparently blogging is a challenge to stay up on. Already it has been weeks since the Shepherds conference began and here I am concluding on how that week went.

The week of the conference was an excellent week. An enjoyable time spending nights with my married brother as a married brother. Also very enjoyable to see people I haven't seen for months or years. And unmistakably enjoyable listening to the teaching on how to serve our God in a better way. Altogether, enjoyable :). Now its two weeks later and I am still glowing from the occasion.

As a grand finale to the week, coming home 12 hours early to be with my wife only sealed the week off. More is to be said about what we did the week after (last week), but this week is another different week. For one, every night had a ministry type meeting I needed to attend or lead, minus Friday. But what makes it significantly different is the fact that my boss choose to put me on the evening work shift this week. There were some procedures that the evening crew needed to be trained on, so I became the man to do the training.

For many employee's this would be a tragic week with many night time obligations and now having to work nights. But by God's grace, my boss (a godly man) eagerly allowed me to leave work to go to the events and then come back to finish my shift. So far it has worked quit well. The whole idea of being at home all morning is a weird yet enjoyable sensation. I feel like my brother-in-law Benny-boy :D

Maybe this Saturday I will conclude my thoughts on working nights.

Here is a glimpse of where my internet browsing happens, right in front of the Gravity Table...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Halfway through the Week

The entire first day of the Shepherds conference is finished. And the third day being away from home begins.

Nicki is one of the most greatest wives that ever walked the planet! Not only did she amply prepare me for my trip down here. Each day she sent a gift to be opened, she says, so that I won't forgot her (like that could possibly happen).

The first gift were photos she took last week of our house and kitties and church and many of herself. A perfect gift so that as I talked to many old friends at the conference, I could bring them up to speed with what our lives looked like.

Today the gift was two amazing American Eagle T's. She keeps me well dressed to say the least.

There is no let down for people's expectations for the Shepherds Conference this year. For myself and the group that came down from our church, the sessions and fellowship have been enriching and encouraging. Meeting new faces and spending time with good friends has been a refreshing joy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Week Away

The final 5 days of this week Nicki and myself are half a state away. Though I would always prefer to be with my wife, it proved to not work out this week.

By the way, this will be the first official post I have put on our joint blog spot. I have hopes to post more periodically...

Presently I am on the road carpooling down to the annual Shepherds Conferences at GCC, Sun Valley. Imagine 3 guys who work in the middle of nowhere and don't get out much, having small efforts to have theological conversion. Our appetites are ready to be overwhelmed. Soon we will be exposed to the needed truths for living in our post modern evangelical world.

Meanwhile, Nicki remains at home holding down the fort. Her week will be mainly spent pushing papers at work, working hours she wouldn't normally work. This she will be doing after spending her Monday and Tuesday AM preparing her husband for his trip with lavish preparation. Let this be a street corner, my wife is a woman of women.