Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thad's First Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to my little one. 

Thaddeus's birthday ended up falling on a very busy weekend for us. So we just had a very low-key party at our house with family. Because it was such a busy weekend, I was looking for an easy cake.  I found this one on Pinterest that I loved, and it was so easy to replicate.

Since this was such a low-key party, we didnt have a theme, but it was so fun that Thad got a dump truck for his present. And he was so excited to have his own truck. (The one in the cake is brothers.)

 So I know that this photo is blurry, but I just love the expression on his face. He was so excited about this truck.

The cake was a hit! At first he carefully put the cake in his mouth, but when he found the gummy worms, it was all about the candy. It was a fun way to end a very busy weekend, and this smile says it all. He was a very happy 1 year old.


Kathy J said...

Wonderful First BDay for a very fun little guy!!

Sam Van Dyke said...

I love the progression from clean with lots of cake, to dirty and no cake :)